To not be a wax figurine…



R’ Kalonymus Kalmish Shapira, Piaseczno Rebbe (1889 – 1943)

On the occasion of his 40th birthday, the Piaseczno Rebbe reflected on who he was and what he needed in order to improve himself. For him, this came in the form of accepting something upon himself, seemingly an additional level of rigor in his personal religious world. After listing a few of the more obvious possibilities, the Rebbe reached the following conclusion:

ומה אקבל עלי…ומה חסר לי. פשוט להיות יהודי, חסר לי. דומה אני בעיני כצורת אדם מצוירת, שהכל בה, הגוונים הצורה וכו’, רק אחת חסירה, הנשמה חסרה.

What should I accept upon myself…what am I lacking? To simply be a Jew, that is what I lack. In my eyes, it’s as though I’m the figure a person with everything present – the colors, the shape, etc. Only one thing is missing – the soul.


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